Top Reasons to Choose Home Care in Jamestown, MI

5 of the top reason why to choose home care over institutionalized care in Jamestown, MI

When your senior loved one requires care and support in order to remain safe or accomplish daily living tasks, families are forced to make difficult decisions. Is it best to for the senior to remain at home, or is it time to consider alternate living arrangements, such as an assisted living facility or nursing home?

The vast majority of American seniors want to remain in the comfort of their own home. To do so, they would require in-home supports. Let's take a look at the top 5 reasons why this is actually the best choice for them.

Why Choose Home Care?

1.  Research suggests that care at home promotes healing and leads to quicker recovery times from illnesses, injuries, and medical procedures.  Additionally, in home senior care leads to fewer hospital re-admissions.

2.  Many risks are reduced with senior care at home versus institutional care, including the very serious risk of infection or contracting a second or third illness from other patients. Home care professionals can make the home even safer through a home safety inspection and fall-risk analysis.

3.  Home care is highly personalized. With senior care at home, a caregiver's sole focus is the care and support of the patient. There are no scheduled rounds, care protocols, and other patients who draw time and energy from the caregiver. Routines and activities can be set according to the senior's needs and interests.

4.  Independence is maximized with in home senior care. When seniors are at home, they are free to participate in activities of their choosing, come and go as they please, eat what they want when they want, sleep in their own bed, and have people over without worrying about visiting hours or disturbing other people.

5.  With home care, seniors only pay for the care they need. A move to an assisted living facility or nursing home is a major endeavor that comes with high levels of care, but the care also comes with quite a hefty price tag. For aging adults who do not require advanced medical care or round-the-clock supervision, in home senior care is nearly always more economical.

In short, in home senior care is a great way to increase your senior loved one's freedom and independence while enhancing their quality of life. For more information about how Comfort Keepers in-home care can benefit your senior loved one, contact a senior care coordinator today. 

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