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Having the end of life care discussion with your loved ones in Jamestown, MI

There is never an easy time to deal with end of life issues, but we will all face them. By taking the time to become informed and make decisions in advance, however, many of the more difficult questions and choices can be avoided.

Talking About End of Life Care

Some of the topics to discuss with your loved ones include:

  • Where do they want to spend their final months, weeks, and days? Do they want to consider a nursing home, or are they adamant about remaining at home for as long as they can, even to the end, if possible?
  • What treatments and pain medications do they want to receive? Do they want to try alternative pain remedies in order to stay more lucid, or do they wish to avoid pain even though it may mean less wakefulness or cognizance?
  • When do they wish to start palliative care and what services do they desire?
  • What hospice services do they wish to receive?
  • Are there any religious or spiritual concerns or desires they would like to have addressed?

No two people have the same end of life experiences, and nobody can predict exactly how a person's end times will play out. Some seniors pass quickly and peacefully while others linger or face many painful days and nights. Since the exact nature of an individual's end of life situation cannot be known, it is important that plans remain flexible and are able to be adjusted to fit the changing needs of the senior.

One commonly overlooked component of end of life care is non-medical supports and services. While in-home senior care is often a part of hospice, seniors may wish to start services much earlier as part of a palliative care program. Others may start home care support well in advance in order to address daily living assistance or personal care needs, transportation requirements, or companionship. The ultimate goal of these supports is to allow a senior to maximize their independence and freedom while optimizing their quality of life and allowing them to remain in the comfort of their own home.

While there are many different desires and approaches to end of life care, one theme remains common: all seniors desire to avoid pain and maintain their dignity. By addressing end of life care early on, seniors can be assured they will have a say in their care even if they lose the ability to voice their desires down the line.

For information about how Comfort Keepers in-home end of life care can maximize your senior loved one's quality of life and dignity, contact a senior care coordinator today. 

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