Alzheimer's Care in Jamestown, MI

Find out about the benefits of Alzheimer's care for Jmestown, MI seniors and why it is best to start care early.

Seniors with early to mid-stage Alzheimer's disease still desire to live active, healthy, and enjoyable lives. Sadly, by the later stages of the disease, Alzheimer's robs seniors of many of these desires. Therefore, it is so important to start Alzheimer's care early and maximize the quality of a senior's years from the time they first receive their diagnosis.

Many times, family members and friends do not know what to say or do when a senior is diagnosed with dementia. Comfort Keepers Alzheimer's care is designed to help seniors and their families work through this difficult transition by providing professional in-home care and support. Not only do caregivers understand the progression of the disease but they know how to prepare for the transitions to come. Care providers will work with seniors to create care plans that are individualized and flexible enough to change with the senior's evolving needs.

Why Is Alzheimer's Care Important in Jamestown, MI?

While preserving hope for the future and preparing for the later stages of the disease is important, it is also highly beneficial to keep a senior healthy, active, and positive today. There may not be a current cure for Alzheimer's disease, but there are many treatments and therapies that can significantly increase the quality of a senior's life as they pass through the stages of the disease.

For example, seniors with Alzheimer's disease should participate in regular exercise. Not only does exercise helps the body maintain "muscle memory", but it also increases the blood flow to the brain and helps the body produce endorphins to increase a senior's feelings of joy and self-worth. When seniors with Alzheimer's disease do not exercise, it is not always that they do not want to or can't. Often, they cannot process or organize their thoughts to do so. With care, seniors have the help and support they need to participate in an exercise program or other activities that keep them healthy, strong, and loving life.

Comfort Keepers offers specialized dementia and Alzheimer's care. By starting care early, seniors can maximize their enjoyment and quality of life now and in the short and longer-term future.

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