End of Life Care for Seniors in Hudsonville, MI

Find out how end of life care can help Hudsonville, MI seniors face this stage of life

When a senior enters their final months of life, end of life care can help them maximize the quality of the time they have left. In addition to the physical aspects of palliative care, this form of care also addresses a senior's social, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual needs.

While palliative care is available at any time during a senior's illness or injury, the specific elements of end of life (or hospice) care does not start until curative treatments and procedures have ended. The purpose of end of life care is no longer to treat or cure a condition but to provide comfort, a sense of peace, and to control pain and symptoms during the last six months or so of life.

How Does End of Life Care Help Hudsonville, MI Seniors?

Care for this final stage of life is provided by a team of professionals that include doctors, nurses, therapists, social workers, clergy, and non-medical support staff. Sadly, many seniors do not take advantage of hospice services until the very end, if at all. This greatly increases their level of needless pain and suffering.

Seniors who require pain management support will benefit greatly from end of life services. Statistically, seniors who are in their final months of life experience increased levels of pain, yet most of these seniors do not have their pain treated or managed effectively. Many times, this is due to a communication breakdown between the senior and the medical staff, especially if the senior is suffering from dementia, delirium, cognitive impairments, or a communication disorder. End of life staff who have regular, often day-to-day, contact with the senior can better identify and communicate a senior's pain management needs.

At the end of life, many seniors also require assistance with many daily living skills, personal care, and housekeeping. This is especially important for seniors aging in place since visitors will be coming into the home. Despite their condition, every senior still wants to look their best and have their home clean, orderly, and inviting. End of life services provide in-home support that ranges from light housekeeping and laundry to meal preparation, personal care, and hygiene support.

For more information about end of life care or the many ways Comfort Keepers can enhance your senior loved one's quality of life as they enter their final months, weeks, or day, contact a senior home care coordinator today. 

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