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One of the sad realities of growing older for a number of American seniors is physical and social isolation. For many elderly, friends and family have died or moved away and there is nobody else at home. In many cases, medical and psychological challenges are also present. The result for many seniors is increased isolation, declining health, and depression.


What can Companion Care in Holland, MI do for you?


One of the best things that can be done to ward off depression and the negative impact of isolation is an increase in meaningful socialization, physical activity, and mental interaction. Comfort Keepers companion care suggests these three effective ways to address senior isolation.


Pets are great ways to increase a senior’s level of happiness while helping them avoid isolation. While this is not a sure-fire guarantee, pets tend to get seniors out of the house as they need daily care, food, toys, veterinarian appointments, etc. Pets are also great conversation starters between humans, which can often break the ice and lead to an eventual friendship.


Even without a pet, there are a plethora of reasons a senior should get out of the house. Seniors who are depressed or are actively in the withdrawal process may need some encouragement or support in this area. A Comfort Keepers companion care provider can help seniors who are hesitant to leave the home due to physical, emotional, or cognitive limitations. Plus, it is way more fun to get out and about when you aren't doing it alone.


Once a senior gets their feet on the ground outside the house, volunteering is a great way to keep them there. Often, seniors feel left behind. Volunteering is a great way for them to remind themselves, and others, that they still have a lot to offer. Many seniors enjoy volunteering for organizations that need their particular set of skills, such as hospitals, schools, senior centers, and many non-profit ventures such as the local food or blood bank. Seniors who are not ready to start down this path alone are often encouraged when a companion care provider accompanies them.


Isolation, depression, and loneliness are not normal parts of aging, but they do impact a vast number of seniors. Thankfully, there are ways to address these challenges, including assistance from Comfort Keepers caring staff. For more information, contact a senior care coordinator today.


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