24 Hour Home Care in Holland, MI

Full-time, 24 hour home care for seniors in the Holland area.

We don't like to think about it, but aging is one of life's few certainties. There may come a time when you or an elderly family member needs a little help getting things done around the home. In other cases, some folks will need 24 hour home care—constant round-the-clock support. In either situation, the vast majority of seniors prefer to have in-home help than to move into an assisted living facility. Thanks to Comfort Keepers, aging at home is now possible for many US seniors around the country, even those who need constant support.

24 Hour Home Care in Holland, MI

Those who qualify for 24 hour home care may include:

  • Someone with advanced dementia or Alzheimer's
  • Someone recovering from a major stroke
  • Someone recuperating from major surgery or an accident

The two types of round-the-clock, 24 hour care support offered are:

  1. Shift services
  2. Live in services

At Comfort Keepers, we offer shift services. This may be the best solution if you or a loved one is bedridden, demands more intensive caregiving or is prone to falling. With this approach there is a team of sympathetic caregivers. Between them they offer compassionate support in 8-hour shifts, round the clock. In this arrangement, it's not necessary to provide the caregivers with their own sleeping quarters or meals.

What differentiates us from other 24 hour care providers? Comfort Keepers takes the safety, security and well-being of clients very seriously indeed. It's why we tailor our care packages to match the exact needs of the patient and their close family. Unique situations require unique solutions—we understand this. It's why we're so good at what we do. It's the reason we can offer the exceptional services our caregivers provide to clients. 

To find out more about our unique, affordable 24 hour home care, contact us today and talk with one of our dedicated professionals. One of our senior care advisors would be happy to discuss the benefits of 24 hour care and schedule a free in home consultation.

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