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Respite Care in Grandville, MI

Learn more about the respite care offered to family caregivers needing time to rest and recharge in the Grandville area.

Comfort Keepers respite care support is designed to provide a means for family caregivers to take temporary, short-term breaks or "respites" from their caregiving duties. By providing safe, compassionate, and private support for daily living activities, family caregivers have the peace of mind required to take some time off.

Grandville Respite Care

With Comfort Keepers, respite care is provided in the convenience of a senior's own home. This means seniors do not need to be anxious or stressed about moving into a nursing home or skilled care facility. Instead, they can enjoy familiar surroundings, their own furniture and furnishings, and sleep in their own bed. While these options are nice for most seniors, being able to remain at home can be of significant importance for seniors with dementia or Alzheimer's disease.

Whether the time off is planned or an emergency, Comfort Keepers has you covered. Services are available from a few hours a day up to full-time, 24-hour care, 365 days a year. After all, even the best services and supports are no good if they are not there when you need them.

Many family caregivers use a respite break to take care of personal business. While this is important, it is every bit as important for caregivers to take care of their own physical and emotional health. Experts recommend that long-term family caregivers take advantage of regularly scheduled respite breaks to sleep, socialize, exercise, and simply relax. Those who do have dramatically fewer instances of depression and chronic illness. This is important because the average, long-term family caregiver has a 200 percent greater risk of depression and chronic illness than a non-caregiver.

To learn more about our respite care and how our personalized respite services could benefit both a family caregiver and their loved one, contact us today.

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