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Why Discuss End of Life Care with Seniors in Grandville, MI?


Find out about the benefits of beginning the end of life care converstaion.


The end of life conversation is often a challenge, but it is about more than just funeral planning.  It is a discussion about the medical directives for the senior or your loved one.  Who will be speaking on behalf of the senior if or when they are not able?  It is much more than just speaking for them, but it also involves speaking on behalf of their wishes.  Unless that conversation has taken place, you will not know what those wishes are.  End of life care should fulfill the senior’s wishes on how they want to live out the rest of their life.


Spiritual and medical teams will advise you that the end of life care decisions will have a different meaning to a senior or loved one as they age and process the meaning of life and dying.  Your loved one may believe they have their affairs in order, however, if they do not have a living will or an advance directive they will not have a say about how their medical team will assist them if they become incapacitated.


Discussing End of Life Care


End of life care for a senior or loved one may be short term or long term since life does not come with an expiration date.  If people could choose their journey through the end of life, they would most likely request they be pain-free and for many the road to a pain-free end of life is the journey through hospice services.  Don’t be afraid to begin the end of life conversation and speak with honesty and transparency.  The relationship you build through this discussion will provide seniors with peace of mind that they will be taken care of compassionately, and you will rest assured that you have made the correct decisions.


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