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Learning About Home Care Companies in Holland, MI

Aug 7, 2017 by Linnea Frericks

Not all home care companies are created equally. The ultimate goal of home care is to create a situation where seniors can maximize their independence and quality of life while living safely in their own home. Typically, home care companies provide homemaking services, local transportation, personal care, and companionship. These supports range from housekeeping and laundry to meal preparation, toileting support, bathing, grooming, and dressing.

While some companies specialize in day care or short-term respites, most home care companies offer services 24-hours a day seven days a week. Be careful, because certain companies do not operate on weekends or holidays.

The majority of home care companies focus on the physical tasks of caregiving. While these supports make it possible for millions of seniors to live independently and remain at home, they ultimately only address a fraction of a senior's needs.

The Impact of Home Care Companies in Holland, MI

Research consistently verifies that the social and emotional components of an individual's health and well-being are every bit as important as the physical. Seniors can receive help and support to accomplish their daily living tasks and still not live a happy and healthy life due to a declining cognitive stage, social isolation, and emotional unrest.

Comfort Keepers takes caregiving to a new level through their innovative and trademarked approach to care known as Interactive Caregiving. Interactive Caregiving switches the focus of care from the physical caregiving tasks to the senior receiving the support. Caregivers engage seniors in meaningful intellectual and social interactions and encourage them to participate in their own care. This not only helps develop relationships, but it encourages independence, self-esteem, and a higher quality of life.

Through Interactive Caregiving, seniors are not just the recipients of physical care, they become an integral part of the process. The personal relationships developed with the caregivers not only help target the care, but it addresses the need for socialization, acceptance, and understanding.

In short, many home care companies provide the same foundational services, but when it comes to the "how", Comfort Keepers Interactive Caregiving sets them worlds apart.

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